Saturday, January 19, 2008

Venture Standard Hike

On Friday, I thought everything was fine, no Uniform, two reports for one route and things like that. Until Jasper called.

Things are not as simple as they should be because some people tends not to listen to simple instruction. Should this were my previous CCA,people will die. So, is it better to live in your own world, or better face reality?

Anyway, the hike itself is super fun, we were high on estascy for the whole duration of the 24 kilometers. We particularly like the part in Nassim Road where big mansions and expensive cars litter, just could not imagine how rich these people are.

More importantly, 我们拥有了 (own) the other group, completing at around 1.15 am. The best part is still the treat by Mr Azmi for completing so fast.

So, until the Venture Cord hike, have fun.

Note: There will be a Unit camp two weeks from now. We will be using the same patrol configuration. Want to suggest a time that we can meet up?

Friday, January 18, 2008


When i am happy, I blog
When I am sad, I blog
When I am angry, I smash the laptop first, then I blog
When I am depress, I cut myself in the wrist to let the blood stain my laptop, table and some of my worksheet, after applying bandage to myself while realizing it is stupid, then i blog about it.
when I am in a state of Euphoria, I blog without questioning the coherency of the words i use
When I am stress, I swallow most of my panadol, I blog, then I slept well but woke up shortly to vomit everything.
When I am solemn, I blog in short phrases.
When I am serious, I blog.
When I failed to kill myself, I will try to blog, and i will try to kill myself again.
When I fail my test, I blog about how inferior i am and still feel inferior about it but deep inside i do not care.
When i have nightmares, I try to blog about them with dubious details
When run away from home, I do not blog as i will reveal my location
When i am frustrated, I do blog, but will make the reader equally frustrated by the clarity of the content.

So what do i blog for, for life? or for channeling all my negative feeling outwards. Things that i will feel only when i am in Singapore. Malaysia is so much peaceful and fun. Still, press on, it is fun, kind of......


It is Friday again. Everything seems so peaceful now. The keyword is seems. Let see whats bugging me. At first is the Venture Standard hike. The hike itself is the most fool proof thing ever. A simple 20 KM walk with some drawing to do.

So what happened actually? I simply do not know. The ones who know everything do not hold regular meet ups to convey the message thus everyone assumes everything. So, we have bullshit like the whole hike is not going to happen and other ridiculous things like that. So is it about Scouts anymore? Or something else. I know that it is ok to be a bit different from the normal Scouting method, but mind you, we are still a Uniform group.

Uniform group's core value is discipline and without it, it is just like a really organized social club and UYOs pride themselves at not becoming one with them. If not, is all those drills, punishment and various other ceremony we have come to love and hate a necessity? Or those values sublimes under the pressure of the demands from the school? The air guys can do it, why won't we.

Setting that aside, enough ranting for today. Looking at the bright side, this week has been fun, really fun. We have the classroom changing drills because some people with a certain inferiority complex decides to change their subjects around and could not make up my mind. Chinese A2 being ostracizes because the school assumes we are Chinese Idiots to begin with. Is it so good to not know your native tongue? It is sad, really.I will say no more regarding this thingy here.

Oh, I am ranting again. Ok, I will face the facts than, I have nothing to say but to rant. Why can't everyone just get together? It is stressful not only to have stupid things happening every now and then and the person do not understand. In one rare case, I need to use my Army method of interrogation or sort of a brain wash method.

So, do you fucking understand?
Normally the correct reply is Yes, I fucking understand, Sergeant.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ultimate Frisbee

The training have not been that tough when compared to canoeing. It is only tough when:

1. There is PE that morning.
2. Schools ends at 4.40pm
3. Every morning there will be muscle pain for no reason

Training ends quite late today, although tiring, it is fulfilling, even though i know nuts about the sport. I think i will just hang along for a few more session then.

It is better to have a proper training customized to your own needs.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The depths of the IByss

Hi, guys!

I am now reporting from the depths of the IByss. Things are going well over here, though I have been going through with my buddies in lesson, the fatigue builds on.

We have discovered the male specimens in the IByss would like to crowd around the female specimens during feeding hours, especially during the time period which we would like to describe as "Lunch" and "Breaks".They would all be contained inside a compound of artificial built in which geographically known as "SAC". As mentioned, the crowding area is usually areas that are attractive in terms of color. Although a wonder to behold, these hours normally causes a lot of pollution of certain wave lengths which my team found it difficult to cope. In spite of all these, we must press on to conduct our research.

Another new finding my team has uncovered is the general formation of groups of specimens when they encountered periods of "Free". During these periods, their general kinetic actions would be described as "Random" The wave length pollution mentioned earlier is also evident but as our professor said,get use to it. Juvenile specimens are often in these states of action as they are having an increased level of hormones by autopsy reports.

Due to the increased hormone level that is presented in most of the specimens, one of the particular specimen strikes us. We christen it as "H en R1". H en R1 is special as it tried to have a mating session with one of our researchers in our station. It goes to extensive methods and means in order to achieve its goals. It has conducted several major raids on our communication devices, particularly my vox caster. It also tried to stalk the mentioned researcher such that an armed escort was required to protect her when she goes back to surface to prevent accidents from happening.

Our in base chief security officer, Sam 238, from the SPARTAN-IV program suggested that we conduct raids onto the habitat of H en R1. We are planning to tranquilize and tag the specimen as we found it interesting. In case that things goes out of hand, we have prepared to call in more support from HQ and the armed force.

That is what i have to convey in this session. Hope that you guys back there will reply. Until then, the emperor protects.

Magi Marcus

Thought of the day : Truth must be covered by a curtain of lies.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Euphoria of Nightmares

Art theme for IB.


I know, not because others told me, but I have sought it out myself.

What is the way? Is it finding ways that we can deceive ourselves that we have achieve the path?

What is the path then? So, by deceiving ourselves, we made ourselves feel better.

The hypocrisy of the human beings perhaps.

So, all along, we have been looking a way out, a way to cheat ourselves that we must face reality. But, is it real?

What is our purpose of us here on earth?

To seek someone to forgive ourselves and be content with it?

Or something more?

Do we satisfy ourselves every now and then?

Our do we not content of everything we did and push ourselves further into the fray?

Question demands answers, in this case, who should answer them?

Myself? a sage? Stephen Hawkings? Or there is a need for us to have a imaginary thing above us that we deceive ourselves with?

Who will it be?

Is life so demanding that we have to work our asses of?

Must we push ourselves to become a better person?

What if we do not want to? So, in that case, do we become social outcast?

Do we even have free will?

Our choices are made only by the pressure of our society, we have no choice. We are what we are the moment we are born, the up-bringing, we can not escape from that. Is there a what if?




There is none. The only time the what if come is a time of extreme conflict, even then, humans are only known to have the primal instinct.

What should we do?