Saturday, January 26, 2008

A few pictures from school

The 200th Article

Thus blog has reached 200, short of 100 to become 300.

This is madness!


This is Sparta!!!!

Oh Yes .... BN Cemerlang - 这么烂 !!!!

在哪里你可以看到全世界最会起的部长 - 马来西亚


在哪里可以看到最超人般的部长 - 马来西亚
原因:我们的首相阿杜拉 - 回教系毕业,但是可以同时作为财政部长,国家安全部长及首相,还有时间在南马大水灾发生时去澳洲为自己弟弟的nasi kandar店开幕。

在哪里你可以看到全世界最烂的工程部长 - 马来西亚

在哪里可以看到最不卫生的卫生部长 - 马来西亚

在哪里可以看到最成功的教育部长 - 马来西亚

在哪里可以看到最会演戏的贸工部长 - 马来西亚

在哪里做议员最爽 - 马来西亚
原因:能够从火车闸看守员,做到巴生议员,再盖了一个千万皇宫,还请埋普罗大众一起去他的house warming.

在哪里可以找到最善忘的人民 - 马来西亚

Friday, January 25, 2008

Chinese New Year Decoration Competition 2008

My lord,

The battle of the year has begun. Installation 1, 2 and 5 have deployed troops near the borders. We can expect them deploying increasingly heavy equipment as the war progresses.

Our prep work for battle are also coming to a circle, with our commandos regiment setting up booby traps in the jungles of our borders. Although we know that even we could not face the above installation one on one, we could at least drag them down for a significant portion of their time, but from then on, we are on our own.

Of the three installations we have scouted, installation 1 appears to have the most artillery pieces poised to strike, along with a temporary airfield which we have believed will be converted to a major one once the war begins.

The rest of the installations shows no progress or whatsoever but we must be alert and react should they decides to ambush us.

A few days ago, our allies, the High Elements of installation 10 has requested for some of the supplies which we gladly gave away, knowing that our supplies will be replenish soon, but that proves to be a mistake as the equipments are not delivered on time.

So, the outcome of the battle is still in debate by the lord generals of our installation.

Until then, the emperor protects.

HL with Swan Jet

Random stuff from English A1

Down by the river, I go fishing in my canoe. I start drowning in a alchohol dip and lusty trout. I remember something but i forget, so i try harder to remember about those trouts in my pants which are unzipped. Then, I saw the trout swim towards enlightenment and up my shirt. Things were fishy. They bit my uncle very hard and he died. My pink Polkadot has a brown shirt which is torn but now it has a hole in the sky. forget the polkadot that has a hairy moustache.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We sat for half an hour, the time passed in a calm and gentle manner. Both of us was busy communicating via each other's workbook, occasionally lifting our heads up to ask questions.

It is so peaceful... Or maybe i was just too stress that everything means to me. Paranoid and delusional. Maybe.

Oh well, I was in a state of ecstasy for the whole day following that. It always have been. Two professionals, I think i am the one who is not.