Sunday, July 05, 2009

Credits: From Saya in the Underworld

When I stepped out of the tube station, it was raining heavily outside. I opened my umbrella and started walking. But something was wrong. The atmosphere was somehow very unpleasant.


Every single person I walked past didn't have an umbrella over them. Everyone was silent and looking grim; and they walked on, all facing the same direction.

Then suddenly a taxi stopped by, and the driver put out his hand and beckoned me to come over. I gestured to him that I didn't need a taxi, but the taxi-driver said, "Come on, get in!"
He was so insistent that I had to give in. Besides I wanted to get away from this unpleasant atmosphere.

Later, the driver, pale-faced, said to me;
"Well, you know..When I saw you walking as if you were trying to avoid bumping into people on an empty street, I thought I should help you...."

New Directions

Based on the facts that nobody really visit my blog, I am going to make it a quasi-personal online text storage space filled with mainly horror stories and tidbits of my life. I would like to become the great Saya chan with her outstanding network of stories. due to the fact that I am about to be free in another 6 month's time, I will only be able to update it at most once per week. If any surviving autobots are out there, we are here.