Tuesday, April 10, 2007

First Class Camp


Straight after my training, I put on my warm and comfortable Scout-U and rush down to the backfield. In my journey, I met Grace Kwee who is quite puzzled by my outfit. Suddenly, I felt a sense of belonging to Scouts, a sudden homelike feeling. Going back to reality, two words, Scouts Camp.enough to make anyone know my itentions, I need not to elaborate...

Backfield, Saw Minyang teaching the Sec 3s gutting the fish. Sometimes, it is fun to watch organs getting squished and the gills getting pulled out. Then, I decided to help out, in the end, getting myself dirty and resorting to wipe the blood off one of the sec 3, to whoever is it, sorry.

Fire starting, my favourite. It turns out that the fire starting processes are slowly getting taken over by the sec 4s, Sec 3s where are you guys. Then Mr Soo knew about fatty's full name: David Isidore Tan Huang Loong. another good name to scold commented by him. Another is the Xiao Bai Tu joke that is circulated in the PLC, then a new version of the Rabbit, children of the Rabbit. Actually is translated into Xiao Tu Zai Zi, ask your local and friendly china scholar for the meaning.

Then, after some turmoil round dinner, we had a chance to talk in the PLC. It was quite ok but they believe that the things that is plaging them is MisCom. Still, I see no one addressing to the problem, and we need a fanatic whose life id devoted to Scouts only, where is him?


I slept for at least 12 hours that single day, super tired after everything I have done for the pass week. Woke up at 6.45 pm when Edric decided that they need my help. Superman to the rescue..... Actually not quite. They need a person to keep their food. In which all of them have forgotten to draw the key from Fatty. they had soccer that day, in which I have to guide them to the MPH, teach them how to ask people politely....It is just like tending a herd of sheeps. :( My reward, went to Sheng siong market to buy stuff for Choppin!!! Bought 7 crabs and 3 frogs, although we are suppose to buy only one frog but I can't just rsist the value buy. 3 for $5.50 when 1 cost $2.00 Sorry, the average housewife mentality....:)

PLC that night was honest until Mr Azmi came..... To all the Sec 3s this is between you and me, no one is to spread it out.ok? In the end, I was send back because fredrick played bridge, causing the rest not to sleep.....


Woke up yet again by another phone call by Kevin, I think. Some problem again, Powerpuff to the rescue. Turns out to be the flag pole not being set up and where are the knifes. Mr Soo finally came and resolve everything.

After flag break, time to chop stuff!!!

Soo first demonstrate how to kill a crab . Quote"For safety reason, I will kill everyone." This made up laughed for quite some time. Soon, no crabs were given quaters, all died that day. At least I taught Minyang how to identify between a male crab and a female one.

Then, it is minyang's turn to kill the frog. There are a lot of method to kill a frog but Minyang choose the most quick one, smacking it against the table. Quite fun, but end up pithing the frog as it refuses to die. As with all experiment with blood, I got quite sick afterwards. Still, I excuse myself to buy breakfast for Minyang and Penguin. The stall must be so famous that it takes quite a while to que.

Finally the rest of the Dragon came, got quite relief that I wasn't the camp OIC anymore, or was turning into. Hey, this is a Sec 3 camp, too bad sia....

Chin Hian healthy dosage of Hydrogen Peroxide also make my day. quite fun actually when we tried to drip it to a piece of frog liver.

Here some pictures and video