Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I was quite suprised at how Picasso's work is so like mine. His thoughts, his style of getting things done. Tending to his feelings.....Minotaur, and his metal unstableness. He tends to use a certain object as his symbol, I can just imagine how I used a vase and the watcher as my symbols.....

His used of darker colors is disturbingly like mine work. Hmm...... I think I am the disturbed little boy who is in need of serious counselling sessions....

Still, It was a fruitful trip as it links me to the drawing Pablo.

I made a friend in this trip, Kong Lee, the Rugby captain who had a nasty accident while dashing across the road. He is a nice person, probably changed my view on the rugby boys in a sense. A polite person who tries not to make fun of anyone, and the thank you behind each sentences is just pure gold. He is what I can say a true-blue Acsian.

So, it was quite a day for me.

The elements i will place in my work will be:

"The umbrella"

"The Face"

"The Symbol"



"The mysterious Woman"

"The landscape"

"The Hand"

The rough idea will be concerning Identity. Stereotype Versus Individual. And possibly having reference to the cultural revolution.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


I was a bit horrified when I found out that I will be the co-organizer for the upcoming Singastro Jovian Gazing event. Another accident I think.

My first thought would be just running away from all the meeting that I am required to go, but something else came to me. I would take the full brunt of everything that I am required to do and to help others.

I am not sure whether I was brainwashed by my old unit, but the idea is there- I like to take responsibility. Often, I will fail in a very sick manner. Like last time how I dealt with canoeing, Astronomy club, health and fitness club and Scouts. The first being in the first team and the last three having leadership position.

I just doesn't know how and when to say no. I think it is inside me to help, the willingness to throw myself into the fray. I can only describe myself as a man-wolf, constantly seeking opportunity, tearing every bit of flesh out of the bone. Greedily taking everything that does not belong to me....

Constantly filling power vacuums, the desire to overpower the rest of the wolf pack, I am the Jin-Roh. The backstabber. the traitor.

That is I, me and myself. Setting me in my own recurring thoughts.

To be or not to be, that is the question.