Monday, November 02, 2009

On Lying

It has been 2 days since Halloween, which nothing significant had happened.


Is it immoral to lie? Sometimes I need to lie before revealing something important to someone just because the truth cannot be that easy to stomach. This, I somehow found it unacceptable. Even though my principle is not to lie, the truth is more unbelievable than a simple lie. Somehow, restructuring and toning down certain elements, repackaging the flow of events is always necessary to convey certain message or else no one will believe you. It is a saddening aspect of our current society.

First writing in the midst of preparing for my IB exams, I really do not know how to express my frustration. I guess i am going crazy.

Back to the lying part, even though i know that it is an overgeneralization of events that I have seen in the past few months, the virtue of honesty has been questionable. If telling the truth will get 10 other person to get screwed, too bad, you are included. Do we need to distrust people so much so that even that they are spewing the truth, we will not be able to trust them. So, if you want to protect something you hold dear, go ahead, expect the other party to do exactly the same. My father always said, "do things that are fair to you and fair to others," strongly agreed to that statement.

I am not out to encourage people to lie, but to tell the truth. Admit to your mistake, even you do not get a second chance. The old nordic saying, "It is better to die with honor than to die like a dog," This saying holds true. The concept of honor is slipping from our society. To those reading, uphold justice, and with honor.