Friday, August 24, 2007

Be sure to catch next Tuesday's Solar Eclipse at 7.28 a.m. Total eclipse. Those live in the East watch out.
Though the darkness will be rent by noise and flame,
Let not men’s souls be broken in the crucible of war.
The last job.......finish the fight.
Praise the Emperor, I have survived!!!

Oh well, paracetamol can't really kill anyone....... except if i take a dozen box or so.......

Need to sue them for charging us so much for one box.

Oh well, Failed my IHS again..... sianz improve by one mark though. Still, half of my class failed and ya......lowest was like 8 out of 25. Might as well jump from the window.

Need to press on. Final Exam is coming. Work is prayer and through work we earn our salvation.

May the God-Emperor of mankind protects. always.

Thought of the day: Prayer cleanse the soul, pain cleanses the body.