Saturday, May 05, 2007

North Korean's Army

I think this is why the US dare not invade North Korea.

Or else, It will be something like this except that people are in tanks.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Astronomy Superheroes

The alarm has sound again, It is time for .......AstroMan

Upon arrival, the AstroMan found that the keypad could not work, so JCRC Man called every living being possible to help AstroMan.

In the end, all hopes fail because the alarm is AstroMan's weakness.

Meanwhile,scholars of BS council are debating how to combat the alarm as tommorrow will be their Final battle as they need the rest.

Chief Guide came to investigate the problem and contacted Yoda, upon guidance from Yoda, AstroMan summons-up his bankai to defeat the door.

The battle for the door was hard fought, the door together with the would be mass murderer Korean, AstroMan and MyMan Fought on.

With the Korean being put down, AstroMan uses his last bit of energy to defeat the door. It was a hard battle as AstroMan unleashes his Bankai and put the door into its rightful place.

MyMan races to the alarm and deactivate it. AstroMan then seals the door with a blessed padlock which will be guarding the door for years to come.

AstroMan and MyMan saves the day!!!!

Monday, April 30, 2007


Yesterday had a fever, so sad, but it got better at 12 am, I think the cold turkey method worked. Was a bit dizzy this morning, and my backaches too. Quite sad, could not focus to study....