Friday, January 18, 2008


It is Friday again. Everything seems so peaceful now. The keyword is seems. Let see whats bugging me. At first is the Venture Standard hike. The hike itself is the most fool proof thing ever. A simple 20 KM walk with some drawing to do.

So what happened actually? I simply do not know. The ones who know everything do not hold regular meet ups to convey the message thus everyone assumes everything. So, we have bullshit like the whole hike is not going to happen and other ridiculous things like that. So is it about Scouts anymore? Or something else. I know that it is ok to be a bit different from the normal Scouting method, but mind you, we are still a Uniform group.

Uniform group's core value is discipline and without it, it is just like a really organized social club and UYOs pride themselves at not becoming one with them. If not, is all those drills, punishment and various other ceremony we have come to love and hate a necessity? Or those values sublimes under the pressure of the demands from the school? The air guys can do it, why won't we.

Setting that aside, enough ranting for today. Looking at the bright side, this week has been fun, really fun. We have the classroom changing drills because some people with a certain inferiority complex decides to change their subjects around and could not make up my mind. Chinese A2 being ostracizes because the school assumes we are Chinese Idiots to begin with. Is it so good to not know your native tongue? It is sad, really.I will say no more regarding this thingy here.

Oh, I am ranting again. Ok, I will face the facts than, I have nothing to say but to rant. Why can't everyone just get together? It is stressful not only to have stupid things happening every now and then and the person do not understand. In one rare case, I need to use my Army method of interrogation or sort of a brain wash method.

So, do you fucking understand?
Normally the correct reply is Yes, I fucking understand, Sergeant.


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