Saturday, December 08, 2007

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Hmm.... Strange things we have here.....NC-17? I remember I only posted some weird inter-personal-philosophical articles, remember the one from Voltair, but i like horoscope part, loud and not one to mess with, see the previous post. At least $ 552 to what is in my mind is great, as any amount of money is good. Haha, so money minded I am.

Friday, December 07, 2007

A Robbery

Malaysia's Police now must seriously upgrade their competency.

I was robbed today but luckily nothing was lost. I was on my way to buy some stuff but was robbed by a pair of Malays, one wearing red while the other blue. The license plate will be JHK 9929.

Actually, they did quite a few mistakes. First of all, they came in from the front and second of all, they robbed the wrong person.

It happened when i was in a quite deserted street which also served as a shortcut to the nearest shop houses, they just come towards me and without notice and grab my pouch bag which is in the basket in front of me. When I realize what happened, I immediately launch an attack to the fleeing motorcycle.

The motorcycle fell and the larger person of the two try to beat me up while the other is trying to get his motorcycle up. The person took off his helmet and swing it at me I was hit but his attack are too soft, then, I slipped and fall into the drain and he had the advantage but is quicky overcome by my determination.

Then, the person who got my bag had the motorcycle set up stated to flee while the other person turned around. I saw my chance and grab him by the eyes. I felt something juicy and let go. When I looked at the motorcycle, It is beginning to accelerate. I gave chase. I grab the motorcycle again and it felled. I quickly grab my bag and before the duo tried to retaliate, the post man who was stunned by and stared at us for five minutes finally said something. Then the two person flee the scene as the post man tries to consolidate what has happened.

To our relief, he has taken down the number plate of the bike and will be escorting me home should the two person want to do anything funny on me. Besides that, we also found a file dropped by a female person and we presume that those hooligans has a victim before me.

Straight after that, I went to make a police report, thus, just too bad that i was not hurt or my belongings was lost, so, they will only investigate the number and find the owner.

I think if i were to report, I might be the robber as they are the ones getting hurt. But really wonder where did all those Policemen go, maybe because the Prime Minister is doing a visit.

So, see you next time, I am off for a voracious dinner.