Sunday, October 14, 2007

Freak Out

Somehow I got freak out by a little phone call. I think I would not if the person would not:

a. Call me in the middle of night
b. Call me after I read "How to survive a horror movie"
c. Call me after I watched tons of horror movie that day.
d. Call me with a house phone in which my phone could not register the number.
e. Call me when I was half way through doing some religious stuff.
f. Chat with me in a unbeliveble content and tone under my context.
g. Acting weird on the other side of the phone.
h. Calling me with all the above circumstances and I am virtually alone in the house.

Please, show yourself, or positively identify yourself as something that we Terrans call human or a better word Homo Sapiens that you might understand. One more thing, My soul and my body are not tasty at all, although I can cook. Please don't eat me.