Thursday, November 02, 2006

The New Album

The video is " Call me when you are sober" from Evanescence's new open doors album, based on the popular story, the red riding hood. complete with the Big Bad wolf.I like the last part where she flies up. Amy lee is a bit fat than in the "Bring me back" to life video.

Another video I found with youtube is Rammstein's Rosenrot

It is about self flagellating monks and the village they visit, quite graphic though, but a nice done video with a clear storyline. Suit Rammstein's style of having weird videos. Another is Sonne which is an alternate storyline where Snow White is a tyrant controlling the seven dwarves who then murder her, sealing her in the glass casket.

things You Never Know exist in ACS(I)

The above pictures were taken from the of the IB art room, juicy? Think again.

I think the species of the catapillars are the big green horned catapillars, or the tomato catapillars. I am not sure about the exact species of this catapillar, so correct me if I am wrong.

The animal life in the new IB building is diverse and varied, if you watch closely, there are special animal around us. So, keep your eyes open. I will send more picture if i encounter anymore animals along the way.

Today is quite sad, I didn't see my crush today, I guess she only come to school only when she is needed. Still, I wish to see her presence tommorrow.

PS: The catapillars are collected by the worker taking care of the plants as they are destroying the plants. They are later declared "Exterminatus" by the worker.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Crush?

I think a have a crush on a girl...

I do not whether it is a crush or not...

Just that when I saw her, my blood vessel dilates and my heart keep on pumping blood to my brain...

The funny feeling that is hard to describe...

I just wish I could confront her, just to confirm...

She a bit old for me, year 5....

Someone help me!

A boring holiday

Study camp is quite fun actually as there are friends and homework to do. Suprising things are going on every time I venture into restricted places. Today, I come across an assualt rifle hidden in the scout den, then Penguin and I go parading around in the school, posing as my body guard, we brough " joy and laughter" to those who came across us. Actually making fool of ourselves. Soon after, I went to the Air room with Wen Hao and friends. After seeing the Air room is so clean, I went on saying that our den is hopeless, at least theirs have still a chance. Still, after everything, nothing to do in the boarding, although I slept until 7pm, missing dinner. Thus, another day is over and I still have homework to do.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Chinese O-level

Finally it is all over...

The Chinese Exams for the O level ends today. The end of the Beginning of the holidays!!!

Still, I will have study camp until 7th November. Sianz....

Thats about all I have to say, come back for update.

From Beirut To Jerusalem

Quote from "From Beirut To Jerusalem" :

The fear is dead which dwelled in our hearts
Which killed the hopes and block out the paths
Which put the lights out
The fear is dead and I buried it with my own hands
Fear was the monster which oppressed us
Which was cruel to us
Which broke the jar and spilled the oil
The fear is dead and I buried it with my own hands.

This is the song, sung by the palestinians, who was struggling to prevent themselves from getting exterminated, to go back to their homes, occupied by Israel. The song, filled with hope, shows a stubborn and fierce determination of the Palestinian people. Why does the world allow such thing to happen, why are the palestinian even have to struggle? Where is the international court, the UN or even the freedom loving America? Through reading "From Beirut To Jerusalem",the Palestinians had showed me their struggle,their willingness to sacrifice,their desperation.

So, join them, learn their story, learn the truth that is being hidden by the conspirator and the murderers. I do not have the method but the cause i building inside me.