Friday, April 27, 2007


Another Hokkien clip.

10 week plan

A 10 week fitness plan I though of last night, to prepare for NS.

Week 1:

Every alternate days

1.6 km Run/Jog (take timing)
100 push-ups (in sets)
100 sit-ups (in sets)
50 chin-ups (in sets)

Gym work:
Three set of Three Exercises 20 reps 40%

Week 2:

2.4 km Run/Jog
120 push-ups
120 sit-ups
60 chin-ups

Gym work:
Three set of five exercises 20 reps 50%

Week 3:

2.4 km Run/Jog with 2 kg weight in back pack
140 push-ups
140 sit-ups
60 squats
70 chin-ups


Three set of seven exercises 15 reps 70%

Week 4:

3.0km Run/Jog with 5 kg weight in back pack
150 push-ups
150 sit-ups
60 squats
70 chin-ups


Four sets of seven exercises 25 reps 45%

Week 5:

3.6 km Run/Jog with 7 kg weight in the back pack
150 push-ups
150 sit-ups
70 squats
80 chin-ups


four sets of seven exercises 20 reps 60%

Week 6:

4.8km Run/Jog
160 push-ups
160 sit-ups
80 Squats
90 Chin-ups

Four sets of Eight exercises 30 reps 40%

Week 7:

5,2 km Run/Jog with HBO
180 push-ups
180 sit-ups
90 squats
100 Chin-ups

Five sets of Eight exercise 13 reps 80%

Week 8:

6.2 km run/Jog with HBO
200 push-ups
200 sit-ups
100 squats
110 Chin-ups

Five sets of Eight exercise 25 reps 65%

Week 9:

6.2 km Run/Jog with FBO
220 push-ups
220 sit-ups
110 Squats
120 Chin-ups

five sets of Eight exercise 15 reps 80%

Week 10:

FBO training
15km road march on first day and third day

Rest well and prepare for national service

HBO : Half battle order ( can be simulated by carrying equal amount of weight)
FBO : Full battle order ( Same as above)

Disclaimer: This works best with a trainer and a minimun amount of disipline to push and carry them out. In the end, it is up to the person'initiative to adjust the program accordingly in order to make the best out of a person''s performance.

Tee Ka Foo
The chairman of health and fitness club

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mind seems so clear now

When in deadly danger
When beset by doubt
Run in little circles
Wave your arms and shout

A little something I was during the Bio lesson today.

But after it, C maths

#"The future seems so... clear."

What i felt is that i am in control, I am not sure what has happened but a renewed strength has rained upon me.

But the last thing I want is still...

"My mind is too weary to fight on."

We must fight on, no matter what the difficulties is.

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