Sunday, March 01, 2009

Okay, here we go, I used to...
1. Take Piano lessons. (Until grade 2 i think, loses interest and the 2 bugger at home is like grade 8 now)
2. Use to admire Stalin, but now Hitler is more of my type.
3. Have hair that go straight up. (Think Sai baba)
4. I will speak more with more alcohol in my bloodstream, but will slur 10% after maximum.
5. have a fist fight with my brother and sister.
6. ask mummy to leave her lipstick's mark on my cheeks with my siblings. (When i was 5, good excuse for everything.)
7. cut myself under the lips after performing a feral leap.
8. do silly things like building a fort and play war with my brothers.
9. Get upset because the dinner have frozen pork or other little gritty like that.
10. get pinched by my cousin until I cried.
11. And cried before she cried when my god grandma threatened to sew her mouth up.
12. sleep with mummy and daddy because I'm afraid of the dark.
13. hug and kiss mummy and daddy good night.(And I still hug them a lot.=))
14. see mummy and daddy a day in a months.
15. think it's rational that mummy and daddy's so busy that they can't come home recently.

So much more which I don't think you know, I used to...
16. collect Gundams and Legos, still planning to do.
17. Got dumped by someone 3 years younger.
18. Have a blog that no one visits.
19. No BFF to backstab...
20. have a crush on Faye.
21. refuse to dress up for important occasion.
22. act and think like a girl.
23. celebrate my birthdays until I'm 10.
24. slept with girls that i only knew for a few hours.
25. Stoning


Not sure who will see this....