Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The depths of the IByss

Hi, guys!

I am now reporting from the depths of the IByss. Things are going well over here, though I have been going through with my buddies in lesson, the fatigue builds on.

We have discovered the male specimens in the IByss would like to crowd around the female specimens during feeding hours, especially during the time period which we would like to describe as "Lunch" and "Breaks".They would all be contained inside a compound of artificial built in which geographically known as "SAC". As mentioned, the crowding area is usually areas that are attractive in terms of color. Although a wonder to behold, these hours normally causes a lot of pollution of certain wave lengths which my team found it difficult to cope. In spite of all these, we must press on to conduct our research.

Another new finding my team has uncovered is the general formation of groups of specimens when they encountered periods of "Free". During these periods, their general kinetic actions would be described as "Random" The wave length pollution mentioned earlier is also evident but as our professor said,get use to it. Juvenile specimens are often in these states of action as they are having an increased level of hormones by autopsy reports.

Due to the increased hormone level that is presented in most of the specimens, one of the particular specimen strikes us. We christen it as "H en R1". H en R1 is special as it tried to have a mating session with one of our researchers in our station. It goes to extensive methods and means in order to achieve its goals. It has conducted several major raids on our communication devices, particularly my vox caster. It also tried to stalk the mentioned researcher such that an armed escort was required to protect her when she goes back to surface to prevent accidents from happening.

Our in base chief security officer, Sam 238, from the SPARTAN-IV program suggested that we conduct raids onto the habitat of H en R1. We are planning to tranquilize and tag the specimen as we found it interesting. In case that things goes out of hand, we have prepared to call in more support from HQ and the armed force.

That is what i have to convey in this session. Hope that you guys back there will reply. Until then, the emperor protects.

Magi Marcus

Thought of the day : Truth must be covered by a curtain of lies.


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