Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I know, not because others told me, but I have sought it out myself.

What is the way? Is it finding ways that we can deceive ourselves that we have achieve the path?

What is the path then? So, by deceiving ourselves, we made ourselves feel better.

The hypocrisy of the human beings perhaps.

So, all along, we have been looking a way out, a way to cheat ourselves that we must face reality. But, is it real?

What is our purpose of us here on earth?

To seek someone to forgive ourselves and be content with it?

Or something more?

Do we satisfy ourselves every now and then?

Our do we not content of everything we did and push ourselves further into the fray?

Question demands answers, in this case, who should answer them?

Myself? a sage? Stephen Hawkings? Or there is a need for us to have a imaginary thing above us that we deceive ourselves with?

Who will it be?

Is life so demanding that we have to work our asses of?

Must we push ourselves to become a better person?

What if we do not want to? So, in that case, do we become social outcast?

Do we even have free will?

Our choices are made only by the pressure of our society, we have no choice. We are what we are the moment we are born, the up-bringing, we can not escape from that. Is there a what if?




There is none. The only time the what if come is a time of extreme conflict, even then, humans are only known to have the primal instinct.

What should we do?


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