Friday, July 18, 2008

Service Ceiling

Every aircraft that is allowed to fly today will always have an service ceiling. That dictates how high the plane can go and its capabilities. Most aircraft will stall and flame out when reached their service ceiling. The F-15 eagle has a service ceiling of 20 km while the F-16 has a service ceiling of around 16km.

Reaching the service ceiling is not hard, but knowing what to do after that is a very challenging and sometimes fatal implication for any pilots. It is only the most skilled fighter pilot will know what to do after reaching the service ceiling and maneuver their aircraft to push their performance to the limit.

This week, I felt that i am an inexperience pilot, having reaching my service ceiling and knowing nothing of my situation. I stalled and crashed. I burst in flames. The G-force is so great that i forgot to eject form the aircraft, because i know i cant.

At least i went down i flame. That is all that matters. Luckily, i survived and going into a new aircraft next time round.

Monday, July 14, 2008


I think World War Z may be a reality. This time round, it is not Solunum but IB students. I will be the first to bite, watch out.