Saturday, October 13, 2007


There will a Meteor Shower on 20th to 22nd of October this year, although you can see it between 15th October to the 29th.

The Orionids are a meteor shower that occurs throughout October into early November. At its peak around October 21-22, as many as 60 meteors per hour can be seen appearing to originate from the radiant located in the constellation Orion near its border with Gemini. Unlike some showers, Orionids can be seen several days before and after the peak night of October 21-22 (at a frequency of approximately 5-10 per hour).

Where to look: As the name suggested, the Orionids refers to the Orion. Although another meteor shower, the Orion meteor, happens around the same period, it can be distinguish from Orionids meteor shower by comparing speed which is relatively faster and if you trace it back mentally, you will see you looking at directly the Orion.

Thus, to locate the meteor shower properly, for us, it will first be looking at the North-Eastern sky, locate Orion and Sirius. Now form a line between Orion and Sirius the source of the meteor will be quite near the horizon under Orion. The meteor shower is unique as it appered in a radiance manner which means you can see meteors shooting out 360 degrees.

Another important fact is that the parent body of Orionids is the Halley comet which we came to know and love and can be seen only once every 76 years.

So, as we all knows that Singapore is surrounded by HDB estates, you can join us at Marine Parade Community Club for a whole night of star gazing.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

So sick today, Crash landed in Malaysia yesterday and caught a cold in the process. The medicine that I took Numbed my senses and it is the first time that Strepsils have so much kick compared the normal sweets we use to love.

Sianzzzz........Off to sleep now.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Exam updates!!!

GG, WTFWN, OMGWTF, die liao, er...... anything else?

Anyway, it is ok in a sense that I was not left clueless like the other exams did. But overall, I am really not sure, where are those confidence, boy?

Oh well, whatever, too bad for everything then. I have did my best, but DESPITE my best efford, I would not make it BECAUSE I am weak.

despite, not because.

Thought if the day: Blood for the blood god, skull for the skull throne.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

And God say, let there be light, and there was light. And it was good. And god said unto the light, "Let there be none like you."

The long hard road out of hell

Sometimes, life makes me thinks that is a manisfestation of hell. You suffer, you get hurt, and you want to find ways to get our of it forever. Those who succeed, good for them, those who don't, too bad sia...... Still, some people always lamenting about why life is unfair to them. Rather than facing them, they whine and cringe, but to no end.

Life is unfair, face it, is either someone step on your face and drag you through the mud or you grab the person by the ankle and destroy them.

Everyone is the same, if you are fit, go on, don't be a good Samaritan and be stagnant and ignorant about the people who are around you trying to pull you down. If you are weak, you have two option, be strong, cling onto the good Samaritan, pull them down when you are string enough, or get destroyed when it is a survival of the fittest.

There will be no heaven, as life a battle, tonight, we dine in hell.

Most creepy thing I have ever read in a novel

The extract below is quite creepy and even haunting, from the book Horus Rising, the scene is set after a group of "reporters" has landed on a mountain where a major battle is taking place not far from the area.

"Samus is a spirit, then?" Keeler whispered. feeling unpleasantly light-headed.
'Yes, Why do you ask?'
'Because,'said Keeler.'I've heard him hissing at me since the moment we touched down. And I don't have a vox.'

The creepy part is when the character say that she do not have a Vox, which is a sort of radio. The name Samus itself is all over the military broadcast, as it was considered as a form of psycological warfare employed by the enemy, it was dismissed by the various leaders and even the readers. It gave a haunting image as the readers realized taht "Samus" was actually a true spirit or ghost after the extract.