Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

Other than going out with my friend and two girls that until now i could not get hold, their names, my new year's eve is just stargazing and repeat my public lectures to the people. The people here refers to the public.

One thing that i have discovered is that the majority of the performer are Malays but i think it is quite good. Looking back, the same people if under different governance can be so much different. My family on the other hand.....same thing as usual, free flow wine and poker all night. I think the only people who didn't drink are my parents as they are more keen to gamble with profits than to gamble with impaired judgment.

the difference are just when we try to compare the happenings between two lands. How i miss home. My regrets would be the white wine that i did not drink on the 24th.

Tomorrow will be the new school day. The first thing that i will do is not strangle Randi and cut him into strips and force him to eat his own flesh. I need to know what the fuck happened during the briefing because i felt that getting scolded without knowing everything is not appropriate. The next thing would be buying a set of new uniform and lastly settle my books for next year. Of course i will be running away from the teachers of all my subjects or act blur in front of them. I think i will get screwed hard this time round.

Anyway, my year's resolution will be to.....ack.....i don't know. Do my best i guess. To think about it, there are nothing much to think about anyway. So i might be taking anthropology, business studies, occult studies, contemporary arts and maybe veterinarian when i finish IB. If worst come to worst, operator in Takaso!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

PSA is a damn strange journey. One have to factor in its public opinion. As an unwilling victim, i have to get all the flame when another screws up and all i did was a small mistake. I really need to know what that retard said that night and murder him for good. Or, i can just sit back, relax and enjoy my life. Anne, i know that i might appear that i am not serious in my relationship but, give me a chance, perhaps?

Listen to the elders.

When the word elder comes into view, one would think of an old and wise person who does all the decision, or some old geezer clinging to the old ways. My old man fits the former but with a slight twist, he actually looks younger than me. His old age only shows in his medical bills. Sometimes, he is like a big brother to me but i could not strive to become like him. High income, funny, evil. There is a lot that i could learn from him but to become like him seems so distant. Maybe it is because he wants me to be a different person than him. It could be that he hides everything so perfectly that his benefactor could not see any flaws, a typical merchant i guess.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

This is my idea of a good Holly's eve, is suppose to be. The feast of St Adela this year was good because of the professionally baked poultry dish. The problem is just the stuffing because my sister insist that an additional cup of water. Lucky for her, she doesnt have to tie and stuff the chicken.

Note: The coke cans on the table is just for show, we are still conscious when we took the picture. Like my father always says, sont drink too much early in the dinner, wait for the Whiskey to come out or else you will not enjoy the night.

Padang Besar is one of the most rundown border town in Malaysia, there is 2 of them anyway, the other being JB. The most disgusting feature of the town is still the lack of racial diversity as seen in other towns and city in Malaysia as well as the expensive and unreasonable price of the food there.

Things in Malaysia

My family, and why i got wasted every three days back in Malaysia, some Chrysanthemum tea with bubbles..... hmm.... i am quite sick of Heinekin already.... I still dont understand why my brother love it. Choya is more of my taste but a Bailey every high tea is both refreshing and comforting.
It is not my intention here to make a political statement. I have come under attack for exposing this, but this motivates me all the more.

We often hear the hysterical ranting of Christians who claim “Satan” is going about setting up a “New World Order” where human beings will be bar-coded like cattle and lose all of their freedoms and rights. This NWO is said to be a “one world communist state.” Christianity has a history of blaming the Devil for everything they do not agree with or in reality, their own crimes against humanity. This article is not written to make any political statements; only to set deluded individuals straight. With enough research and just plain common sense, Satan has nothing to do with this, whatsoever. It is Christian inspired, the Catholic Church, National and World Council of Churches (of which most Protestant Churches belong to and support) are working for it, funneling the bulk of their contributions into it for politics, and are at the uppermost levels abusing occult power to achieve these ends. Of course, with the incessant blame-shifting, one will often hear from deluded Christians: “Oh no!! That’s not my church!!” The Protestants condemn the Catholics; completely ignoring the fact that their religions in many respects parallel Catholicism and all Christian sects had their origins in the original Christian church- the Catholic Church.

Satanism does not place restrictions upon people. Satan advocates individuality, freedom and the advancement of the human race. Satan does not represent chaos, as some believe. One must know him to appreciate the beauty behind this, one must always make a personal commitment to him to be fully aware of his teachings.

Christians and other Abrahamic religions readily blame Satan and “Satanists” when it comes to the subject of being “bar-coded” like animals. To begin with, if one would look with open eyes, one can see these are not teachings of Satan, but of the Christian bible where people are referred to as “sheep,” one’s body is the property of “god,” one’s sex life, one’s desires and lusts, who one is having intercourse with and so many other things that are insignificant to one’s spiritual advancement are made issues of in the Christian bible, so are they not prisoners of their own minds?

Now how about chaos? Look to the endless contradictions and of course, the teachings of the Nazarene:

* He stole (Luke 19: 29-35; Luke 6: 1-5),
* He lied (Matthew 5:17; 16: 28; Revelation 3: 11)
* He advocated murder (Luke 19: 27)
* He demanded one of his disciples dishonor his parents and family (Luke 9: 59-62)

These are just a small sampling of commandments he not only set a bad example by breaking, but ordered others to do so as well. Contradictions such as these in religious teachings set the stage for confusion and chaos in regards of one self’s individuality.

The numbers of Christian sects who violently disagree with and condemn each other speak for themselves, not to mention all of the life-altering wars that are essential to this NWO, nearly all were incited by Christianity and had to do with that religion, the prime example being the second gulf war in which the initiator of the war claims that he was “ask to do it by god”, a peaceful and forgiving god will not incite wars but to find peaceful methods to prevent unnecessary pain and misery. Forgiving one’s neighbor endlessly “seventy times” as the Nazarene taught and turning the other cheek encourages nothing but chaos and crime. People are indoctrinated on how to be prefect slaves and victims. Their own bodies are the property of some alien who decides their innermost thoughts, desires and sexuality. As for the idea of people being bar coded, is just a modern invention that is compose by Christian fundamentalist.

Christians and others are so quick to blame shift- “it’s the Catholics,” “Oh, no! It’s the Protestants!” They cannot comprehend this sort of thing is and has been for centuries happening in their own churches and is the entire theme of their own bible. They have been contributing to it financially, psychically and spiritually. It is much easier for them to blame Satan than it is for them to realize their own “god” and their own ministry has deceived them. The Christian churches have conveniently used both as a distraction and as a scapegoat Satan for centuries. Just blame everything on Satan, preach to the world that they are “good” “humanitarian” and above all “God.” A lie repeated and enforced often enough will eventually be believed, no matter how ludicrous it is. Trillions and trillions of dollars have been channeled into promoting this lie publicly, while their top religious leaders clandestinely work to enslave the world as they have in the past through their root, the Catholic Church. The Protestants are no different with their Salem Witch Trial murders and compulsory church attendance in Colonial America. As self proclaimed advocators of freedom, the aforementioned religion is nothing more than hypocrites when one take their philosophy into account.

Christianity is not spiritual in any respect. They are in truth a political institution posing as a religious/spiritual front. Followers are deceived into living for their death, giving up all occult knowledge and power so they are defenseless and harmless against those who have this knowledge, power and know how to use it. They are deluded into thinking their “god” will punish these people when all along, they have been prepared through generations to be mindless slaves and their souls have through generations of rejecting true spirituality, atrophied in power.

I read where Billy Graham’s churches now have DVD and plush loudspeaker systems with stereo. What does this have to do with spirituality? Their front of Christian charity is a joke. Most of the donations, which total in the trillions of dollars, are funneled into the World Council of Churches where they are used politically, for funding wars and other terrorist activities. Secular organizations such as the local county welfare agencies are the ones who in truth do the most for the needy. This comes out of the pockets of the taxpayers, not the Christian churches.

The leaders of both Christianity and totalitarian governments themselves are incredibly materialistic. When we look at the Catholic Church through the centuries, we find that as they were bleeding the last bit of money from poverty stricken families, widows and even generations of families who were targeted by the inquisition, the church itself was amassing and hoarding gold, silver, valuable knowledge, artifacts, and precious gems in unbelievable quantities.

In addition to taking in and gathering all the gold, silver and other valuables it was able to confiscate, the Catholic Church acquired huge amounts of real estate; most of this was also accomplished through the mass murders and extortion carried out by the Inquisition. The Catholic Church today is undoubtedly the most exceptionally wealthy institution on the face of the earth. The amount of money, land, treasures, artifacts, and other material holdings of the Catholic Church alone are beyond the stretch of the imagination.

Even through the Dark Ages when poverty was widespread, mostly because of Christianity itself, we find these huge and fabulously wealthy cathedrals, built in the midst of the extreme deprivation of the populace, with altars and apses made of gold with ornately decorated vaults, columns and walls. Magnificent basilicas, cathedrals, abbeys, baptisteries, monasteries, convents, and churches were built. Practically all of these were so lavish and so huge in comparison with the meager surroundings of the times, that they flamboyantly stood out as the main repository of all the material wealth — gold, silver and architectural lavishness — of both their era and their geographical location.

The Catholic Church during the Dark Ages established itself as the unconditional ruler over all of Europe. The Catholic Church had complete dominion over kings and queens, the military and ruled by terror. No one was free in any respect. Knowledge was destroyed and/or removed from the populace, because to create a perfect slave state, slaves must be illiterate and without power.

The concept of world domination by a select group who rule with an iron fist and use mass murder and terror to achieve their ends is spelled out through the entire Christian bible.

Concepts: The state owns and controls all property. Listed below are parallels and teachings in the Christian bible: Your body isn’t your own; it is the property of “god.”

* Don’t have sexual urges, if you do, the owner of your body will do as he pleases with it and “cast it into Hell” (Rule by terror): Matthew 5: 27-30
* The “lord” has control over all of your personal relationships: Matthew 19: 9
* No freedom of speech: Matthew 5: 33-37; 12: 36
* Let them throw you in prison: Matthew 5: 25
* Don’t defend yourself or fight back; be the perfect slave: Matthew 5: 39-44; Luke 6: 27-30; 6: 35
* The meek make the best slaves; “meek” means “submissive”: Matthew 5: 5
* Live for your death, never mind the life you have now. This is a classic on how to run a slave state. Life is not worth fighting for: Matthew 5: 12
* Break up the family unit to create chaos: Matthew 10: 34-36 Luke 12: 51-53
# Let the chaos reign: Matthew 18: 21-22
# Don’t own any property: Matthew 19: 21-24; Mark 12: 41-44 Luke 6: 20; 6: 24; 6: 29-30
# Forsake your family- “Father, mother, sisters and brethren” this is what a totalitarian state demands of and rewards children for who turn in their parents to be executed: Matthew 19: 29
# More slavery and servitude: Exodus 21:7; Exodus: 21: 20-21; Leviticus: 25:44-46; Luke 6: 40- the state is perfect. Luke 12: 47; Ephesians: 6:5; Colossians: 3:22; 1 Timothy: 6: 1; Titus 2: 9-10; 1 Peter 2:18

# The Nazarene, much like the teachings in the Old Testament, demanded complete and total obedience and enforced this concept through fear and terror. Preachers delude their congregations into believing “Jesus loves you.” They scream and whine “out of context” but they are the ones who miss the entire message and are “out of context.”

# The Nazarene never taught humanity anything for independence or advancement. Christians rave about how this entity healed the afflicted, but he never taught anyone how to heal himself or to even understand the nature of disease. He surrounded himself mainly with the ignorant and the servile.

The true evil one is the master of deception and lies; “he deceived the world.” Paying for one’s own damnation is a common theme here. His name is not Satan or Lucifer, but Jehovah or Yahweh depending on the translation.

Christians have stripped themselves of all occult power and understanding, have financed and worked for all of this for centuries and now they blame it all on the Devil. They cannot see it is their own “god” and Nazarene.

Occult knowledge can be used by anyone for any purpose. Any fool can readily see the above is not of Satan, nor does it have anything to do with him and these so called “occult groups” are infiltrated from top to bottom by Catholic Jesuits and others who wish to delude those who might be Luciferian or Pagan and keep them under their control. This can be seen with their Christian occult symbols, Jehovah/YHVH “god” names and angels.

It is obvious in addition to all of this; the Catholic Church was enraged by the revelation of the pedophilia scandals. These actions were planned and deliberate. The pope and high-ranking clergy acted indignant and spiteful when exposed to the world, but the problem is never directly addressed, showing their unwillingness to see their own fault.


Billy Graham and his relentless working for, funding and contributing to the NWO and enslavement of humanity (Under Construction)


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