Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Tribute to Kuroda

The blade is nine inch long, you can imagine the length of the actual thing yourself...

IP symposium day 2

Day 2 of the symposium, the power of the proletariats and our friends from Africa has defeated the capitalist advance countries of the world. They lose their exploitive policy due to the massive negative vote. Mother Russia will rise again. We will put the best environmental policy, for the motherland!!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Art Station

My little art station ..... My second home and Mr Farlow in a normal art day. (Wednesday)

Mom and Dad

A little picture I took when attending dinner, hope that they get along well.....

CHHS Carnival

Another carnival, two days, two carnival....

this time round i am left alone as my brother and sister are busy managing their stalls. Found quite a lot of friends there. Quite nice actually to have a walk in the haunted house (not scary at all).....

Durian Party

In Malaysia, we taste durians like how we taste wine, we go from the lowest to the top species. I have the priviledge to enjoy one of the most special event in July, the Durian opening season.

The Durian plantation is not that far from my home, which is pretty much a half an hour drive. The plantation itself is about hundred acres, thus was nicknamed Hundred Acre Woods. Ponies are there for meat i think, but never mind about that.

We tasted 5 types of durian and had quite a lot of fun feeding the Patins fish. Although I couldnt talk for the next few days, it is quite a fun experience.

IP symposium

As the Delegates United Nation Environmental Program, we are here to purge all the alien, mutant, heretics.

The first two pictures being Tanaan getting jack by Mr Alvin Tan. Cos, he just closed his eyes.....

Barker Carnival

Sorry, because Char gave me that if you take a picture i will definitely slaughter you look, I only took 2 pics from the Carnival.

Sunday, July 01, 2007


What happen if I left three months to live?

What happens if I died?

Will everyone come to my funeral, or i am destined to die alone?

Feeling tired from times to times, leukymia? or just lack of workout?

Just feeling horrible.....