Saturday, June 23, 2007


Have you felt the warmth of your parents? The warmth that encompasses only when we are one year old or less. The feeling of getting cared for and pampered.....

For once, most of us will forget the feeling when we get old, never to be felt again, or that our parents just did not care to do such things to us as we have grown up, giving us another kind of love.

It happen yesterday morning, when my mom come into the room. The atmosphere become so warm as she looks upon me like an infant. The feeling was like sort of a deja-vu that i had experience in my early childhood.

It is so gentle. Guess my mother still treats me like an infant ......

In the eyes of a parent, their children never grows up.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Nice performance.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I dentity

Sometimes I would like to question who I really am.

A mugger? Your neighbourhood goth? A High Priest? Fortune Teller? A Scout? An artist? The handy man? Commando? and etc....

I don't know.

But am I all these combined together? I guess what that makes me then....A Ka Foo.

Still, the only thing that is in my mind is always blood and various dark images. Blood for the Blood god I guess.

Am i unique? Or I am just another Tom dick or Harry?

Sometimes, I really want to know, but in most other time, I just don't give a damn, contradicting all my previous statement.

MPD? I guess so.

Still, I want to go back to what Ka Foo really is. The change since Sec 3 has been troubling me. Losing all my confidence but gaining a more wide range of perception. Including divination.

What am I?

What is my identity?

After all, It is still a long way since I will do anything groundbreaking.

Somebody just tell me what is going on.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Strange Dream

I had the most strange dream last night, or rather this morning.

It is strange because everything is what i wanted.

I dream of me living in a quiet, peaceful farm feeding livestocks. I remembered there is a barnful of chicken, some ducks, geese, a small herd of cows which I am milking form.

Of course, there will be visitors from the farm..... All the people that I know of started to visit me one by one. In the end, we threw a big party at the farm house.

It was totally strange after one person ask me about the lady of the farm. The question stunned me. Just when I was thinking about the farm lady, she came out.

To my suprise, Jennifer came out. She claims that she was feeding piglets outside and she got so messy in the process that she had to bath. Then a sudden surge of memory filled me, the image of me and her together.

Before I tried to say anything, I woke up.