Saturday, May 12, 2007

Post Exams Activities

Exam is finally over!!!!

The last paper is a bit hard though. It took me one hour and fifteen minutes to finish instead of the usual half an hour. Means that 45 minutes less to sleep.....

I went to Hq later that day, bought some stuff, including Venture Epaulettes. Then I went to Ngee Ann City just for the sake of going there. Bought three books: The Necronomicon, All you need to know about Tarots and SAS survival guide. The three books doesn't have any connection at all but I still need them for my daily rituals....

I came back quite tired actually,having to walk quite a number of distance.

Monday, May 07, 2007


Why Sean is unable to be the examiner for his companion?

Sometimes, I just don't understand what David Tan is thinking. He believes that he is the greatest of all Scout.

Seriously speaking, he is nothing.

Actually I don't really care how is he in the dragon patrol and how he own people with his skill.

A real leader is aspiring and humble. There are nothing I found in him. A fat aristocrat who rule over people because of the support he had from a higher order.

I recall in the first class camp, how he want to us to be discipline when he does not know anything himself. Making a fool out of himself. He also promote elitism where a helping hand is mercilessly dismissed. I don't find anything resemble Scouts in his first class camp. I quote Gorgutz with a little modification"It ain't Scouty!!!"

The sec 3 First class camp this year, I saw how he overestimate the sec 3s who are willing to come. Three sub-camps, three different plans. One does not learn how to fly if one does not learn how to walk. In the end, it screwed up.

Normally they turn to a senior. Me. Who happens to be in the boarding school. I can had my time stargazing that night actually. When I arrived, the sec 3s is lost, do not know what to do because David Tan did not gave them the key the night before despite my constant reminder. He did not bother to do anything about the Sec 3 camp, just a key would be enough.

PLC that night turn into a ranting session towards David Tan. He did not been through all that in Sec 3 I believed and I do not see any seniors treat him like how he treats the Sec 3s.

Pushing is good, but too much pushing causes disillusion, this, I believed screwing up the Sec 3s even more. What is hundred good man without organization?

Is he qualified to be an examiner such that he can denounce Sean? I donot believe it is so.