Saturday, January 12, 2008

The day Ka Foo wept

The day Ka Foo cried will be the day the heaven felled

it will be the day where warriors are sworn in,

it will be the day where there are great confusion and turmoil.

His heart will be lost and the world will bear on his shoulders.

All he need to do is just let it go.

He could not.

He shall not.

He must not.

As he bear the world and the world bear him.

The three kings shall bear witness,

The Moon will bear witness.

The Star will bear witness.

Till her grace descends and smile upon him.

Till that day he will stop wailing, and become the warrior he sought to be.

He will rest in Valhalla.

The 1st Week of School

1st Week of the year

Day 1 of School is full of surprises. Firstly, we had the ever present. I met up with my Orientation group and found out that there are 6 girls. After so many years in an all-boys school, it is a fresh change. We have our orientation game and also met our Orientation Group Leaders, Kevin and Evelyn. I found myself exhausted at the end of everyday, particularly on the day that we went on the ACSploration.

I was also quite surprise of what I unconsciously pack into my bag when I heard the word, going to have an outing of sort. Thus, one can see the usual knife, camel pack, and first aid kit in my bag. Kevin was like: ”We are going to Orchard Road!” Oh well, too bad then, I was on too much outdoor stuff the last few outings I went and these equipments proves to be utmost useful and important. Places such as Ubin, Api-api, Punggol and such.

Day 3 would be the last day, quite happy because I saw tons of girls screaming and shouting as we approach the softball field full of little critters roaming freely. It is fun to see the expression of the girls when one sneak up to the back of a unexpected female and utter the magic word, “Hey, there is a millipede” or whatever that is slimy enough to catch a girl off-guard. So mischievous I am. Haha. Honorable mention is that Douglas Wong who put a really slimy frog or Toad into the freezing water. Poor frog, and the people who have to put their hands in afterwards.

Still this girl thing is foreign to most of the guys in ACS. Some people will try their best to hook up on some girls while others just don’t care. It depends on the person, really. So, we can see who is satisfied with the person who is of the same gender and who is not while having raging hormones. For me, I am just confused. I always have this concept, purity of purpose. Although I am forcing myself to have this purity of purpose thing but I am attracted to a certain female within my orientation group. The person from Nanyang. Even though, I still have my regular pranks on her and other nonsense.

I think I am really not ready with this relationship thing here. Then there was this Randi who always talk about the same thing over and over again until is quite Sianz already. Personally I hated the lone wolf remark by him as if he kept talking things that do not quite fit to the rest and do not know the intended person is just trying to be polite and not say anything like fuck off and please die. Then again, even I am not aware of people getting bored at my speech. This is a thing that could not blame on anyone. We are still humans after all, well, except for Ka Foo I guess.

My roommates are still quite Ok and pale in comparison with the gang in Year 4, they rock. The only thing that I am not happy with is the constant in and out of all their friends. Sometime is quite irritating when they are broadcasting all the Negro music and making tons of noise. I have to resort to using a bit of scare tactics in order to quiet them down.

Waking up at 6 while sleeping at 10 is quite good for the body. You will find yourself waking earlier and earlier with each day. Hmm…

The highlights of the week are still the Friday and Saturdays. We had our Orientation closing ceremony. Although exhausted, I still need to attend the Quadrantids star party shortly afterwards and finally the CCA Orientation the day after. End result? Fainted again. Although I have expressed that I need not go to the hospital, they still send me there. My wallet bled that day, and I wept because of it. So sad, I could buy another book or two with that money. Talking about buying books, my subject combination is a killer. English A1 HL will cost be a bomb with 15 books plus the study guide and damn the boarding school Internet that forces me to go MacDonald’s every now and then.

My subject Combination


English A1
Visual Art
Business and Management


Chinese A2

The subject combination above is weird but anyway, I wish to achieve my ambition, Dictator-for–life. That all for this week folks sees you around.

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