Thursday, June 14, 2007


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    The ACS(I) Fortune Teller

    Today must be the most tired day in the third week of the school holiday.

    I read tarot cards for four different person. I feel that as if my Mana has been drained.

    Furthermore, the fourth one is the hardest that I have encounter. I think he was lost for a good reason.

    His mind, body and soul is not as one, very distracted. The backlash affects me too to a certain degree.....

    But it is quite good as there was a good happily ever after scenario for each of the enquirers.

    Tuesday, June 12, 2007

    Why do stereotypes exist?

    In contrast to a way of thinking which has roots in Renaissance ideology and liberal humanism (Pinker, 2002), stereotypes are not the product of society; rather, they are one more tool the mind uses to navigate its complex environment (Lee et al. 1995). Indeed, arguably the most intricate and important ability the mind needs is to be able to perceive others. How is this achieved? Theorists have argued that rather than perceiving people according to their idiosyncratic characteristics, they might do so according to their social category (e.g. German, grandma) and in so doing reap the information about that group (e.g. efficient, slow) from memory without having to perceive it firsthand (see Macrae and Bodenhausen, 2000), which may be an altogether less effortful process (Britton and Tesser, 1982). Such structures also sensitize perceivers to invariant features (e.g. the messy German, the punk grandma) affording the perceiver flexibility as well as predictability (Johnston and Hawley, 1994). As Gilbert and Hixon (1991) have commented, the ability to use the past as a guide to the present is a very handy tool.


    I met a girl online.....

    We had days of chatting about different subjects at different times, these talks often range from how one should live to how pop music affects our lives.

    We always enjoyed ourselves and actually had fun. Them, I decided to meet her face to face, because an old fashioned person I am. I always felt insecure of talking to people that I did not met before, especially face to face.

    Then I met her. Risking my head from a camp and watching a movie almost together. She had her friend of course....

    I became physically attracted to her......

    But it is apparent that she always claims that she had relationship issues although she had two boyfriends before.

    I had consulted my Tarots on how to deal with the situation.

    It gave me a two way decision to what to choose. An older person or a younger one. There is the third option though. No one....

    The older person in question is actually a year older than me but I haven met her for quite sometime already....

    Sometimes fate leaves me puzzled for sometimes....


    Some picture i have taken during the holidays
    Sorry Dr Ong for the image but it that is what I felt.