Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Crazy Little Essay

The below will be the rough draft of my essay on Science.

Disclaimer: It is only a draft, so SPCA, please don't sue me. Will work for food.

Genetically Modified Whale as an Alternative Food Source

General Direction of the Essay

The Essay will focus on how the idea is going to work and why the idea is practical in use. It will also address some of the problems that the idea will face during the development phase.

Generally, the idea is to use genetically modified whales, making them travel in pods and in a set route and behavior pattern govern by a hormone dispensing machine or vehicle. The machine or vehicle will over watch the whale pod until they are fully grown. Then, the machine or vehicle will send a signal to allow the whalers to harvest the whales. The whale harvested will only be those ID tagged and identified as fully-grown. Then, the whale will be process on the spot by ships.

Thus, it will address the problem of overpopulation in terms of food and employments.

Motive: To produce a short term solution to address the problem of overpopulation by:

1. Providing food source to the much needed countries
2. Reduce the use of agricultural land
3. Increase employment through whaling
4. To help in the field of genealogy

Why whales?

1. Other than the meat, the other part of the body can be harvested for commercial purpose
2. Some species migrates from place to place reducing the chance of overgrazing in some part of the ocean
3. Travel in pods, making harvesting more easy
4. The Ocean is rich in resource, making breeding whales in water rich in food source easier

Primary problems

1. Is modifying genes of a whale possible?
2. Species used in order to have Maximum effect and minimum afford
3. Genes to be manipulated
4. The daily needs of whales
5. Effects on the ecology

Secondary problems

1. Controlling the migratory pattern of the pod across the Ocean using mobile hormone dispenser
2. The construction and design of the dispenser
3. The effects of pollutants on the livestock in polluted regions of the Ocean
4. Chemicals that are damaging to humans if consume by the livestock

Social problems

1. Complains from groups that protects animal right
2. Finding a suitable sponsor
3. Securing the area for feeding from governments
4. Security issues of poachers and pirates who might try to attack the whale pods in international waters

Future development

1. Kelp farms that drift in a controlled manner
2. Harvesting whale organs to power boats and other water crafts

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