Saturday, January 19, 2008

Venture Standard Hike

On Friday, I thought everything was fine, no Uniform, two reports for one route and things like that. Until Jasper called.

Things are not as simple as they should be because some people tends not to listen to simple instruction. Should this were my previous CCA,people will die. So, is it better to live in your own world, or better face reality?

Anyway, the hike itself is super fun, we were high on estascy for the whole duration of the 24 kilometers. We particularly like the part in Nassim Road where big mansions and expensive cars litter, just could not imagine how rich these people are.

More importantly, 我们拥有了 (own) the other group, completing at around 1.15 am. The best part is still the treat by Mr Azmi for completing so fast.

So, until the Venture Cord hike, have fun.

Note: There will be a Unit camp two weeks from now. We will be using the same patrol configuration. Want to suggest a time that we can meet up?


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