Saturday, November 06, 2010


I a thinking of an idea, to choreograph a flash mob event for ISD next year. Thriller was pick cos Shaddy was suggesting it. There are other options too.
Alright, new medication means new things to do:

To-do list:

1. Learn Fijian and Hindi
2. Choreograph ISD 2011 first sem flash mob dance
3. brush up on divination
4. finish studying political ideas
5. Eating
6. Do art sketch book
7. meditating
8. Listening to radio

Friday, November 05, 2010

How to be more optimistic

Trying to learn but oh well.... it will just degrade into a rant. It seems that the more you know about the world, the more pessimistic you will get. For example, in response that my friends are trying to open an bubble tea shop, he said, "if I open a factory in Canberra for you, you will be arrested for depleting Canberra's population." So, things I know makes me so pessimistic. Like my friend, who recently went back into the closet is trying to chase after a French girl. Oh wells, people can go back into the closet right? I hope :/ Going on to even more pessimistic stuff, our ex-deputy prime minister is coming to ANU to have a lecture. I am sure that people working in the Cube will be happy visiting him, a world renowned sodomizer. Seriously, Malaysia is seriously famous for its serious case on the serious issue. Now off to the fact that I got dumped and the girl is now with another guy. Great thing that she is happy but at the same time, she is leaving. Quite illogical if you consider the fact that they guy is a player and has been with 3 girls in the pass. but, free game, as I always said. At this age, we are not suppose to make or are capable of making great decision, other than the fact that I am aiming for the MBA in Harvard, just like what my father always tell me, " Son, since i got a harvard master in industry, you need to go for a harvard MBA." Pragmatic, but not always logical. I try to make logic to govern my life, but i am always tooooo sensitive to people. Been hiding for too long, I think i just need to move it out again.