Sunday, October 07, 2007

Most creepy thing I have ever read in a novel

The extract below is quite creepy and even haunting, from the book Horus Rising, the scene is set after a group of "reporters" has landed on a mountain where a major battle is taking place not far from the area.

"Samus is a spirit, then?" Keeler whispered. feeling unpleasantly light-headed.
'Yes, Why do you ask?'
'Because,'said Keeler.'I've heard him hissing at me since the moment we touched down. And I don't have a vox.'

The creepy part is when the character say that she do not have a Vox, which is a sort of radio. The name Samus itself is all over the military broadcast, as it was considered as a form of psycological warfare employed by the enemy, it was dismissed by the various leaders and even the readers. It gave a haunting image as the readers realized taht "Samus" was actually a true spirit or ghost after the extract.


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