Sunday, October 07, 2007

The long hard road out of hell

Sometimes, life makes me thinks that is a manisfestation of hell. You suffer, you get hurt, and you want to find ways to get our of it forever. Those who succeed, good for them, those who don't, too bad sia...... Still, some people always lamenting about why life is unfair to them. Rather than facing them, they whine and cringe, but to no end.

Life is unfair, face it, is either someone step on your face and drag you through the mud or you grab the person by the ankle and destroy them.

Everyone is the same, if you are fit, go on, don't be a good Samaritan and be stagnant and ignorant about the people who are around you trying to pull you down. If you are weak, you have two option, be strong, cling onto the good Samaritan, pull them down when you are string enough, or get destroyed when it is a survival of the fittest.

There will be no heaven, as life a battle, tonight, we dine in hell.


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