Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I dentity

Sometimes I would like to question who I really am.

A mugger? Your neighbourhood goth? A High Priest? Fortune Teller? A Scout? An artist? The handy man? Commando? and etc....

I don't know.

But am I all these combined together? I guess what that makes me then....A Ka Foo.

Still, the only thing that is in my mind is always blood and various dark images. Blood for the Blood god I guess.

Am i unique? Or I am just another Tom dick or Harry?

Sometimes, I really want to know, but in most other time, I just don't give a damn, contradicting all my previous statement.

MPD? I guess so.

Still, I want to go back to what Ka Foo really is. The change since Sec 3 has been troubling me. Losing all my confidence but gaining a more wide range of perception. Including divination.

What am I?

What is my identity?

After all, It is still a long way since I will do anything groundbreaking.

Somebody just tell me what is going on.


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