Thursday, November 02, 2006

things You Never Know exist in ACS(I)

The above pictures were taken from the of the IB art room, juicy? Think again.

I think the species of the catapillars are the big green horned catapillars, or the tomato catapillars. I am not sure about the exact species of this catapillar, so correct me if I am wrong.

The animal life in the new IB building is diverse and varied, if you watch closely, there are special animal around us. So, keep your eyes open. I will send more picture if i encounter anymore animals along the way.

Today is quite sad, I didn't see my crush today, I guess she only come to school only when she is needed. Still, I wish to see her presence tommorrow.

PS: The catapillars are collected by the worker taking care of the plants as they are destroying the plants. They are later declared "Exterminatus" by the worker.


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