Sunday, October 29, 2006

From Beirut To Jerusalem

Quote from "From Beirut To Jerusalem" :

The fear is dead which dwelled in our hearts
Which killed the hopes and block out the paths
Which put the lights out
The fear is dead and I buried it with my own hands
Fear was the monster which oppressed us
Which was cruel to us
Which broke the jar and spilled the oil
The fear is dead and I buried it with my own hands.

This is the song, sung by the palestinians, who was struggling to prevent themselves from getting exterminated, to go back to their homes, occupied by Israel. The song, filled with hope, shows a stubborn and fierce determination of the Palestinian people. Why does the world allow such thing to happen, why are the palestinian even have to struggle? Where is the international court, the UN or even the freedom loving America? Through reading "From Beirut To Jerusalem",the Palestinians had showed me their struggle,their willingness to sacrifice,their desperation.

So, join them, learn their story, learn the truth that is being hidden by the conspirator and the murderers. I do not have the method but the cause i building inside me.


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