Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

Other than going out with my friend and two girls that until now i could not get hold, their names, my new year's eve is just stargazing and repeat my public lectures to the people. The people here refers to the public.

One thing that i have discovered is that the majority of the performer are Malays but i think it is quite good. Looking back, the same people if under different governance can be so much different. My family on the other hand.....same thing as usual, free flow wine and poker all night. I think the only people who didn't drink are my parents as they are more keen to gamble with profits than to gamble with impaired judgment.

the difference are just when we try to compare the happenings between two lands. How i miss home. My regrets would be the white wine that i did not drink on the 24th.

Tomorrow will be the new school day. The first thing that i will do is not strangle Randi and cut him into strips and force him to eat his own flesh. I need to know what the fuck happened during the briefing because i felt that getting scolded without knowing everything is not appropriate. The next thing would be buying a set of new uniform and lastly settle my books for next year. Of course i will be running away from the teachers of all my subjects or act blur in front of them. I think i will get screwed hard this time round.

Anyway, my year's resolution will be to.....ack.....i don't know. Do my best i guess. To think about it, there are nothing much to think about anyway. So i might be taking anthropology, business studies, occult studies, contemporary arts and maybe veterinarian when i finish IB. If worst come to worst, operator in Takaso!


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