Saturday, January 20, 2007

One Man Army

Sometimes in movies we see one person defeating entire armies. We all know that it will not happen in real life. Now, as the chairman of Astronomy, Health and Fitness Club. I started to feel the pressure of fighting alone and abroad. With no other mental support other than myself, I feel exhausted. Everything seems suddenly coming towards me in a tsunami like pattern. Next week, is the marathon for canoeing, although it is only 14 km, I doubt it will be an easy fight. I heard that the twins are taking part in the same event as me....I don't know what to say.

The week after next week is the Scout annual competition, although we have the strongest(numbers) PLC in quite some time, most of them are noob or newbie who can't even tie a simple knot, this is why some of the vets has to take two events. Sometimes, I am not even sure of myself why some person can go to such high ranks, acting as if they are the boss when they know absolutely nothing. I could be the commissar when I had to but I am not always there.I hate the Scouts weakling policies, it is making us weaker, I hope our leadership can see that.

The first opening session for Astronomy is a success in some ways or another, we did what we want, learn how to use the go-to telescope. Still, the admin matters are still chaotic, this, I had to blame myself for such weak leadership. I can only do so much....The health and fitness club is still a myth, it is my job to make it well known to the school, but the journey is long and uncertain. As of this very moment, I still could not see the people who are responsible enough to take on the job of the commitee, worst come to worst, I had to make a decision, which is, in game term, AR or all random.

TO end all of this and upon looking at my condition, I will quote Mr Paul Chong's famous quote:

" Life is a battle, win it"

It appear to be exactly my condition, fighting a one man battle, I have no choice but to win.


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