Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What a wonderful day today. The weather is scotching, it is good to have sunburn in this kind of weather. The most perfect moment of today is before chapel. I saw her, in a circle with the bunch of student council. She might not know my existence but it is good enough that I know hers. She is just dazzling to my eyes; I could not help to not resist her....

Chapel was fun, actually, comfortable and sleepy. It is quite boring until after the student council started some cheering stuff where I started to wake up. I ended chapel with my trademark; cover the left pocket action, which forces the prefects to make sure that I am wearing a badge. Language arts today were quite memorable as I was the one who discover the symbolism between the African Christian and his demise, which cause by a very traditional artifact. It was the natives who will eventually destroyed the western powers.

I am quite sad that I did not get any position in the LDP camp. The people elected were there cause they are just popular, nothing else. There are only a few capable ones running my clan, still, it turn out to be just fine coos everything seems to come together again.

Then in the afternoon, Mr. See was in a fury again when people, seniors did not come for training. Still, He cooled down a bit and apologize that the people not here are ought to be hold responsibility. Today was quite a good day for Joshua and me as we row 14 KM, rescuing two boats and getting screwed by Mr. Goth. I have went back to my old technique again which is just plain awkward. Ending the day smelly and tired also had to attend prep before going to have a good bath.

Before I slept, for those playing DOTA, Geomancer rocks!!!


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