Monday, January 01, 2007


2007, I will start a shocking video as the opening of 2007.

It had been a rough year for humanity, justice being trampled, the injust rampaging in the world. Matyrs has perish and innocent lives are being lost. In view by the whole world, a man being excecuted. Where is human rights when people's death can be broadcasted all over the world, and ironicly, the self proclaimed god-fearing nation of America.

It is clear that the governors of Afghanistan, Iraq and Israel cheered for the occation as well as the victims of the tyrant, on that same day, 55 persons died for nothing because the Sunni's are angry. The crime he died for are the ordering of execution for terrorist and traitors, what is wrong with that? Every other Middle-Eastern countries does that to the same person.

No one shall negociate with terrorists and bombing them is the only way practice by the leading nation of the world, why can't Saddam?

History will be his judge as the democratic court in Iraq did little other than pushing the death penalty, but, of course, history will always be written by those who won the war.


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