Thursday, January 18, 2007

Back from LDP, sorry for didn't post for such a long time. LDP was fun, the details I will include in another post as it will be too long to write here. Being the chairman of two CCAs is killing me, couple with the tasks of doing chief comm award and various canoeing competition,this year is killing me. But still, I have to bear all the brunt that is forced onto me as i believed that it will make me a better person.

Today is considered cooling and nice. Today is our first meeting with the POD teacher who seems to like little children a lot. Saw her smiling at sec 2s 50m away to herself. Quite freaky. The teachers today seems to be a bit paranoid and crazy for reasons i cannot fathom. Stress I think. should be the LDP and such. The committee of the health club is not out yet as i am struggling to find person who is on enough to do the loads given to them. I am just really not sure.

Training today was fun in a sense that the weather is cooling but a bit da wet due to the eternal rain. Hope that the rain will not have its effect tomorrow. We did only dry paddling because of the lightning and ya, we got to do tons of push up in a downhill manner. At first we are doing facing up hill but then Mr Goh realizes that doing uphill is way lot easier so unlucky us, we are force to turn around. After 120 push-up, we started a little strength training which involves two person holding hands. The poor thing who was my partner got dragged around as he is not that strong.
The rain came again and again until Mr goh thought of the idea of cleaning the shed using rain water, I had a fun time bailing water with Kenneth.

Tomorrow is suppose to be the big day as it is sort of the grand opening of the Astronomy Club, like a phoenix rising from the ash, I hope things will turn out to be better this year. With new members and girls, I wish the astronomy club will not be just another myth is ACS(I). As quoted from the Debate club chairman David Crawshaw, " The astronomy club is nothing but a myth, with its people looking up at the polluted sky of Singapore" Upon hearing this comment, I feel like castrating him. But before that, I will show him that the myth exist.

This two day is quite sad for my morale as I could not see my crush in the school, where has she been to? I just want to see her, maybe a glimpse will do. Should I gave her something during Valentines'day, or should I just do nothing and enjoy her in the dark? Someone out there please give me advice!


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