Friday, January 05, 2007


What a hectic week it is.

First off, I had to do my EOS essay, again, because it is quite srewed up, so, a bit da busy in a sense, then it is the astronomy recruitment which i successfully recruited five persons.

These five persons includes three female and 2 male, which are sec 5s and sec 3s, I am overjoyed as they are there to save our souls, not becoming extint due to the lack of recruit.

Then, I will be participating in a race that i have only 7 session to train, with a totally unfammiliar person to work with, I hope that I can pull it through.

Then, Health and fitness club also requires me to help them recruit as technically, i am the chairman.

I am quite stress already and any more pressure and i can go crazy, but upon looking at my crush, my heart melts and have the strength to go on again.


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