Sunday, December 24, 2006

Water, we need water!!!

This is the worst christmas ever, on the eve, I have to hop on a lorry to go to a well 40 KM away from my house to get water, drinking water.

And it is Ironic the the towns and cities around Muar is flooded and yet we have no water.What exactly is the stupid UMNO is doing?

Why can't they take care of a small matter like this. Flooding will cause one to have a lot of water, not the lack of it.

They always says that it is the will of Allah, but my foot, it is their imcompetence that is. So, no nice dinner with turkey and heck, I can't even spend time with my family, 2 tonnes of water need a lot of time to be carried.

The last thing i am damn angry at is that we can't even contact the people responsible for the water. I don't know what to say about the government. It is hopeless.....


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