Sunday, July 20, 2008

Even in the depths of the abyss, he will save us;
Even in the Valley of death, he will help us;
Even when all hope is gone, he will be there;
Even when there are no future, he will show us the way.

Our emperor the lord and savior, it is through him we earn our salvation. I am but an unworthy shod who wants a fair share of other's hard work. I am a nobody, trying to be somebody. No one believed in me except for him and he alone will justify my end. I failed him again and again. Am i that weak? Or it is just that i am pretending to be strong?

Soulless creature of the warp, I urge myself to end all, but i do not have any courage to face it. I have live without a soul, and am still living like this. I need a sign, having exhausted all the ways i know, and more that others taught. Am i just different? Or is there a piece of me lingering somewhere at the border of my sanity?

Sinking in, I see no light. The world is just a transition of light and darkness, evil replaces good, good replaces justice, there is no end to it, we could not escape it, it is our destiny to live among the stars, but still confine ourselves to this very planet, our holy terra, earth gaia.

Thoughts of the day: Light will overcome darkness and darkness will overcome it once more, the rhetorical cycle is but a plaything of the gods, we are just mere pawns that is playing this game of regicide.


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