Monday, July 07, 2008

The Descend

He descended into the darkness, with nothing more than a light.

The rush of excitement, the dead silence.

He feel safe as he knows that he is covered by insurance and by people he trust.It is now the dead of night, or what it seems from his wrist watch.The freedom of looking at one's watch.

He has but only one purpose, to disarm the bomb. Spetznaz is train for such jobs. It would have been a daily job, your average breakfast with cereal, to him, of course.

If there is a difference, it might due to perhaps the nuclear bomb is live and maybe because that his team of navy seals and spetznaz have 500 square meters of probable area. Not that bad actually, they only have 4 hours left, according to the newest intelligence, not that bad....

His "Team" only consist of 200 naval divers, in a collaboration between the United States and the Russian Federation as the suppose nuclear device was planted between the Bering Straits and Alaska, but in a disputed area.

The only thing to stop a full scale search for the device is just politics and more politics. He thought to himself, politicians in Americans are such arrogant fools, only thought of themselves, only the military cares about their countries, to use whatever means "Be glorious, country! We take pride in you!" so say in the anthem.

They have a choice, and they choose duty, he choose duty. He is willing to sacrifice.


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