Friday, June 27, 2008

Trying to be Different

There will be a lot of problems with various solutions. Options sometimes are limitless. So, since the solution is limitless, why do we still limit ourselves to certain criteria at all the time?

A very common answer to the above question will be, i will only attempt solution from range A to range C because we will not be able to cope with other solution. Choices are made often without so much other options not considered. It may also because we made our choices due to the fact that there are outside influences, namely our society or community. The crowd mentality, since everyone is doing the same thing, why am i doing otherwise.

Always, humankind has been troubled by this kind of dilemma, to conform or not to conform. there are people who tried to conform, but to no avail, there are other to try not to conform, but fail hard. So, what exactly does the society want us to do?

Social rejection i believe is a reflection of how mature the society is. What the society rejects is what they do not want or accept (duh), so why do people reject each other? Is it that they cant stand people who thinks differently, or they felt that they are superior?

As a non-conformist, deep inside, I wish to break out from everything, enjoy a freedom, but as a human being, it is evident that i could not live without society yet when out society reject us, we do not know who to seek or what to do. Such were our dilemma that some of us tried to commit suicide and other nonsense (what i considered stupidity) instead of conforming to society norms*

Is it because our society lack the maturity to accept the idea of us being us? Or it it difficult for them to accept us as special persons? Why are the likes of us suffering quietly, only to laugh at our misfortune?

Are we that different? Regardless of race, language and religion. What they say is that people are not equal when they have different ideologies.

I am the coward, albeit the ultimate one. I hid in my own closet, dare not come come out because people will not accept my radical ideas. Trying to conform, such that some thinks that i am a conservative, while some thinks that i am an extremist from the other spectrum.

Who am i to complain? Standards, double standards, triple standards are all blocking all. Is our society that narrow such that properly dealing with us is useless? We are but fellow humans trying to survive, we think differently, but doesnt means that we do not have any rights.

In a sense, all that has been said to protect us is NATO (No Action Talk Only). Will there be any revelation to all of this madness?

I am but one torn in this multi standard world. I know that there might be no end to suffering from our kind, but there is always hope.

Am I so different that i scare everyone? Or I am just the irritating bugger that is not worth anything?

I live my own life, the one that i choose to have, my friends, although far and few in between understands our cause. In the end, we are still us. We do not conform.

*Society norms being a standard in the community where we spend most of our time.


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