Monday, July 07, 2008


It is dark, very dark. I can see nothing, I can hear nothing, save for my oxygen cycle and the luminous marker in front of me.

I am trained for this, yet I am afraid. Dark cramp corner, I do not have space to bend my elbow, not to mention that particular itch on my glutous maximus. I could not reach it and i try to forget it. Still, there is no distraction and what i need to do is already drilled inside my mind, so well drilled, I have no distraction, except that itch. I am not drilled to prevent that. We are still human. All too human.

5 minutes is what the captain promised us, each one of us, before we put on that hefty pack, before we don our Kevlar suit, before the dry suit, before our last supper, it was MRE ration and there was light.

Darkness is what i have now, long period of darkness, a long 5 minutes. My watch is redundant, the one thousand Rubble redundant piece of Seiko time piece. Human arms, why are they so huge? I lost track of time and space, as there was none, no light, only an eerie sense of sight, through the face mask and the invisible hatch in front of me.

Damn Americans, I thought to myself, so this is their so-called torpedo tube. I started to miss Mother Russia, our Typhoons are so big that our recreational activity is swimming, not their game-box with an X on top. I failed to understand why the Americans stick to screens so much, but i understand why they are obese. America, America, America, if it were not for the Arabs Wahabis, I would not have to stuck in this cramped, miserable space.

Claustrophobic is not an excuse not be in the Spetznaz, we are the best of the best. Even a dog is better than the Americans. Our back flips, Systema, AK-47 and Vodka. I am proud of my country, i care not whether Stalin, Gorbachev or Putin, I am born in the motherland, Mother Russia, and all this i will bear for her.

Gushed out like vodka poured from a bottle into the warmth of the body. I am free again. Surprisingly gentle, I am free again, back boneless Americans, no wonder they need so many submarines to catch our Akulas.

I checked the Japanese innovation again, 4 minutes 59 seconds. Comrade Captain was right, I will be free again from the bondage of that miserable bourgeois tube. I am now in my second home, the Atlantic ocean.


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