Monday, July 07, 2008

Back again

The past week has been a short and hard one, even though it is one more day than your average weekend.

Sometimes, I just could not care what i do in front of others. My childish behavior on Friday is one of the many cases one will encounter. I could blame it on the headache, on the imbalance hormone level, but i thing for sure that it is myself all along.

Luckily, I took the green form and go to the medical hall. I rested and felt much better.

Despite the rest, my brief down time did not stop me from going for scouts later that afternoon as well as the Chinese A2 lesson. I felt tired though, because i need to attend another camp organized by the Astronomy Club. Nothing much to see except for Jupiter which was set for auto tracking throughout the whole night.

Saturday is another thing together. I had Scouts (again) in the morning, helping the sec 3s for their first class camp. I was quite surprised that they still thinks that kindling works for everything. Too bad...the sec 4 did not teach them well enough.

Saturday afternoon is just with Jinpeng and friends. Made Jinpeng drink a wild turkey while i pretended that it is some Australian coke.....haha. Bourbon whiskey with cola for those who still do not have a club.

The highlight of the day is still the logging of the jewel box and the scorpion jewel box. Although i spotted a globular cluster that day, it is still not a official designated cluster yet. My first few DSO after orion nebula. pathetic but encouraging. Now, they are going to charge me $10 for all this.... ungrateful bastards....

The whole weekend is just messed up though, feeling tired and weak after everything, hope that i can survive kirannakaurus tomorrow.

Thats all for this week.

Thought of the day: Skin to the flesh, flesh to the bone, bone to the marrow.


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