Saturday, October 21, 2006

Sec 2s Scouts

For the first time I felt so comfortable teaching the Sec 2s....

The people doing first class hike ask me out to do their reports, having so much time before my study camp,(yes, only the dy camp), I decided to lend them a hand. I reflected on how I did on my first class hike, which virtually helped by no one at all.

Come to think about it, they are considered fortunate that us, the seniors, help them in a more elaborated fashion. In my time, we are left alone to struggle ourselves, with only occational help from the Scout master, they are very fortunate to have us as their seniors spoon feeding their every steps. Although our action will make them to be more dependent, we still have to help them for a little push. There is a Chinese proverb that goes " How do you teach ( a person) how to fly when they haven learnt how to walk.

The statement above I think fits the dragon patrol nowadays. First, we are not that "pro" in a sense that our Scout skill is not that good. Not up to standard, then, they aspect us to perform without any knowledge of what is going on, there are no for us right and wrong decision to make and the dragons do the things that they see fit regardless of common sense. Still, the choice has been made we have to live with it.

Life is full of suprise and wonder, anything seems bad might actually turn out to be good. I hope it is what the Scouts of our school is heading.


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