Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Demise of the Astro Club Chairman

What a day....

As the astro club chairman,it is my duty to oversee the installation of the new telescope. The day started with me sleeping until 11 and practically trying to home in my skill of command and conquer, Dawn of War and etc. Dark Crusade is coming out soon and I don't have the money to buy it. Having My Tasco binocular by my side , I then set off to set up the observatory, which lies just opposite my room. the teacher in charge, Madam Wong has bought food for the night. As the chairman, has to fill the ice box with ice and water, set up all the telescope and other equipment, vacumm and clean the observatory. carry the chairs. I then have to set up my laptop to register all the members present. What a suprise , today we actually have the Year 5 seniors coming by.

The night was enjoyable, my kind of enjotment of course. It was like out of a sudden, unregistered members suddenly pour out from nowhere, causing me to get a little nervous, I tried to settle the mob and assign them to a telescope. By the way, I didn't place any of the eyepiece nor zero-in any of the scopes. So little time, so much work. There were no briefing or what-so-ever like those in canoeing, but then again, all the person come in at different times, causing it to be more chaotic as ever. Eventually, the dust settled and everything somehow become in order. Is is me or them? I asked myself.

The Tarsos people were nice, they explained nearly everything that I needed to know as the chairperson, they even repaired some of the telescope for us. Most of the equipment is badly damaged. In the end, the new telescope was successfully installed. That was my primary concern.

As the chairman, I felt that I have not met the qualification as one, I felt so hopeless and out of control, but then all turns out well. I think I am just too harsh to myself.

One thing to be noted, Mr Albert actually commented on my laptop's wall paper, which is quite nice to hear that he identifies the weapon as an illegal customization of the G3 Assualt Rifle, the G3 PIP. Classified as a SMG but has the stopping power of an assualt rifle.

I think thats about all for this post.

Tee Ka Foo. Wilco,out.


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