Monday, October 16, 2006

Tha Haze

The haze which blew from Indonesia really have an impact on my life. The PSI today reached 127 at 3 pm, which means that we will not be having any training. The training will be held on a later date. My partner, Benedict, was like not happy about it and we started to choke each other after I said that Tommorrow I will be having CIP. Ironically, the CIP will be held at MacRichie, the place I train, oh well..... In the end, I went to help my fellow Scouts out, but I got driven out. They are discussing some sort of top secret stuff or something, leaving me alone. Luckily, one of my junior wanted me to help out on his first class hike route. It stated out, I aiding him, then it turns into me doing everything, most of them. Kegan have to do the check point pplacements all by himself. So sad..... Come to think about it, A Scout is to persevere regardless of the difficulties he might face. Haha, Still go back to Scouts. Scouts all the way!!! Cut my self in the palm today while opening the observatory where me and myjuniors are working, luckily not that bad. Sorry about the pictures lately, the web is too slow to load a picture properly, so I might load the Haze picture and my palm in the next post.


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