Sunday, November 05, 2006

The PRC Scholars and the Scout Promise

I took two PRC Scholars out today for a trip to raffles place.

Throughout the trip(which is a mini hike), they keep addressing me as the "Xue Zhang". I truly felt that I have grown up so fast, I am the senior now, not some retarded Sec 1s running around asking for help. I guess it is a part of growing up...

Reflecting everything I have done this year, I felt that I am weak, always the childish guy looking for fun, or things that is not rationale and need some form of "kick". Categorizing me with an drug addict, always depending on someone or something....

My mind did not have the disipline that I wanted to have, the perfect vision is just there in my head, but, I just could not make it. Sigh, sometimes I just feel like giving up. Now, people depend on me and I cannot afford to make any mistakes.

Ok, I will stop the depressing stuff, looking on the bright side, I still have chances. As the Chairman of the Astronomy Club, Temporary Captain for the Health and Fitness Club, Stingray-who-killed-Steve-Irwin Patrol Leader and the first generation SCM of the Canoeing Club, I promiss I will do my best, to do my duty to the omnipotence entity up there and the Monarch Republic of Malaysia or Singapore(depending which side of the causeway you are on), To help other people and to keep the Scout Law. To all my Scouts friend, this will be a familiar promise, but I tweak it such that I will suit me the best.

The Scout Promise has always been my code of life, but, the doing my best thing had always be hard to fulfill, there are always elements to stop me from going on, but who cares, this is my life, I chosed how to live it, and I decide to charge through those elements.

Here, as I am having my dinner, I decided to take a picture of one of my favourite food, Nato, not the military organization, but plain Japanses Nato.

Nato in box, note that the yellow stuff is not egg yolk but Japanese mustard.


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