Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Out-going Seniors

I had so much fun yesterday with the out-going seniors's celebration in my former school. My old unit is what I am in Singapore today, thus, i will definitely visit them everytime I go back to Malaysia. Actually come to think about it, without the teachings learned in my old unit, I will not have i today, as I will be another random non-scout person in my current school, ACS(I). It is because everytime I face difficulties in Singapore, I will tell myself, it is no worst than the recruits camp back there, I endured what most of us just give up, I kept pushing myself until I discover that I am still a human. As my seniors back there always said, no matter how crazy you are, you are just human. Still, the main reason that I go back is still the sense of belonging to the unit i was in, the feeling is just different from the unit I have in y current unit. I like the non restrictive form of management practice in Malaysia, everyone gets to be the leader, there were no elites among the unit, only people who are more willing to help others. The patrol is like the most essential part in the unit, I can still remember how my patrol did the 20km hike in Sec 1, what did we ate, the things that we talk, the every little gossip among each other. I remember how I was a weakling back then who needs his bag to be carried in the end, I was nothing like person you see now. Yet, the memories are like just there and cannot be erase. Here, I will include some pictures of the celebration. Do note that the out-goings year 6 consist of only one male, quite suprising that females are more willing than the males, don't you think so?


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