Thursday, November 09, 2006

Iodine Poisoning

I had a bad day yesterday, so bad that I could not think of any post to write of.I had a mild diarrhea,some vomiting, had a slight fever and some dehydration. On

Iodine poisoning is cause by consuming excessive amount of Iodine such that the effect is similar to Iodine deficiency. Thus, it involve the abnormal growth of the thyroid gland and disorders in functioning and growth of the organism as a whole. Luckily, my bogy react violent to the Iodine I consume and everything went out until this morning where the system is cleared. Actually, the Iodine came from the boiled cockles I ate the day before which is like 1 kilograms and ya, I haven ate that much an amount for quite a long time, just couldn't adapt to the excessive Iodine.

So, another "fun" experience in my life.(my body is strong enough to resist most harmful substances but requires time to heal).


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